To everything there is a season,
And a time for every purpose under heaven.

To our dear brothers and sisters: always in our thoughts and forever in our hearts.
Edwin B. Almirol Charter Member '64
Ephraim 'Eph' N. Bejar Charter Member '64
Virgilio Tan Charter Member '64
Kanika 'Inday' Utzurrum-Yongsmith Charter Member '65
Florente 'KJ' T. Quijano Maiden Batch '65
Thomas 'Tommy' Reyes Maiden Batch '65
George D. Andaya Los Seis Curitas '66
Leonard M. Cadiogan, Jr. Magnificent14 '66
Joseph 'Jeff' U. Fernandez Brothers J '66
James M. Beyer Double Trouble '67
Nancy Uyan The Extremes '67
Bayani Pingol, Jr. And Tibay '68
Fernando 'Chito' P. Fernandez Hi-Octane '68
Elie R. Gonzales Sparks Five '68
Roger M. Recaña Ang Tibay '68
Francis Xavier How Triumvirate '69
Gerardo Luis 'Noli' F. Gatmaytan C-3 '69
Mario 'My' Y. Petines Installment '70
Trinidad 'Girlie' Enerio Try Out Six '71
Puri Bella Gervacio Mutifarious '72
Alex De Dios MAC III '75
Ylva Grace Maxino Kit & Caboodle '75
Gelu L. Togonon Brother Sun '76
Leo R. Labial Hardlife '79
Carla V. Cruz-Sheets Venus '83
El Cid C. Javier IC Mircochips '84
Ma. Janette G. Ratilla Destination Unknown '86
Dominico Iñaki 'Yaki' Villasis Golden Batch XI '92
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